George Bolster Kim Keever Vanessa O’Reilly
Declan Clarke David Krippendorf Anne Tallentire
Mark Cullen Breda Lynch Jon Paul Villegas
Linda Dennis Niamh McCann

Multiplicity was an international group exhibition featuring eleven artists based in USA, UK and Ireland. It brought together artists that are based in Ireland and exhibit internationally, Irish artists based in other countries, and international artists who have followed similar migratory paths. Now scattered across the globe, all have been cultural immigrants at some stage.

With the increase of travel, developments in technology and the dissemination of information through the internet, artists have access to the globe and their references and influences come from a range of sources.
Multiplicity takes its starting point from the idea of ‘New Internationals’ – that we can now have multiple nationalities, practices, identities and ideals – as outlined by French philosopher Jacques Derrida.

A 48 page full colour catalogue supported by the Arts Council of Ireland has been published to accompany the exhibition.

Multiplicity was curated by Irish artist George Bolster and American curator Koan Jeff Baysa. Multiplicity was first presented at Fota House, County Cork in Autumn 2004. The exhibition of Multiplicity at the Context further develops the Context’s aims of supporting emerging artists and curators from Ireland and developing links between emerging artists in Ireland and artists abroad.

Previewed Thursday 11 August 8pm
Exhibition ran until September 3

Declan Clarke, Henry The Fift, 2002,Video 6 minutes
Mark Cullen, Ab-Ex 3.6, 2001, Digital drawing; Ab-Ex 2.0, 2001, Digital drawing ; Ab-Ex 4.0, 2001, Digital drawing ; Ab-Ex 7.0, 2001, Digital drawing
Vanessa O’Reilly, Eddy, 2003, Video, 40 minutes
Linda Dennis, If Fate be hard, 2004, Pencil on paper; So simple is the heart, 2003, Pencil on paper; Thou have hast a day, 2003, Pencil on paper; Untitled, 2002, Pencil on paper; Dear was he, 2003, Pencil on paper; Not long ago, 2003, Pencil on paper; Have naught in them, 2002, Pencil on paper; Such were her eyes, 2002, Pencil on paper; To pilot me, 2003, Pencil on paper
Breda Lynch, Marykate and Ashley, 2005, Pencil and colouring pencil on paper
David Krippendorf, Blame, 1999,59 seconds
Breda Lynch,Aisling and Niamh, 2005, Pencil and colouring pencil on paper
George Bolster, Addicted to heavenly Music, 2005, Pencil on paper
Jon Paul Villegas, Untitled X1111 (from Placeholder),Glue and pigment sculpture
George Bolster, Religion becoming Myth , 2004, Sycamore, walnut burr, imboia veneers on wood, Oil paint, feathers, gold-plated steel and Ribbon.
Niamh McCann, Suspension, 2004, Video, 3 minutes
Anne Tallentire, Company, 2003,,Video, 8.25 minutes
Kim Keever, Wheel Piece, 2004, Video, 54 minutes