Norma Lowney

Norma Lowney
when wallpaper left home…
gallery1, 28 jan – 20 feb
the zoo story by edward albee
a qqd production with set & production design by norma lowney
gallery2, thursday 9 – sat 11 feb

In a unique project embracing both visual arts and theatre, Context Galleries presents new work by the artist Norma Lowney, who is based in Limerick and is currently set designer for Limerick’s Impact Theatre (recent productions include Magnum Hopeless & Valparaiso). Norma Lowney graduated with an Hons Higher Diploma in Education from Limerick School of Art and Design, 2005, and a B.A. Hons in Fine and Applied Art from University of Ulster, Belfast 2004. Exhibitions include: ADT Exhibition, LSAD, Limerick, 2005; Cork Open, Crawford Gallery, Cork, 2004/05; Signature, University of Ulster, Belfast, 2004; Panoply, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, 2004; Countess Markievicz Medal, United Arts Club, Dublin, 2004; Sounding Space, Waterfront Hall, Belfast, 2003.

My interests lie in transforming the gallery space into a visual wonderland, in dissolving the physical matter of that space so that it becomes pure pattern. I endeavour to control all aspects of that space in order to evoke a response in the audience.

Pattern and wallpaper are dominant themes in my work, as they reflect the domestic realm, the past and the inevitable recurrence of this pattern in the future. I have always been fascinated by the marks that people leave behind. The traces of their existence left as a reminder for us who follow in their wake.

This exhibition, “When Wallpaper Left Home and Made an Exhibition of Itself”, has as its over-riding objective the intention to involve and embrace the viewer .The space has been transformed into one of pattern, light and sound. The installation breaks down the traditional pretence of the gallery, as it refers to and explains its creation.