"Past to Present"
HND Fine Art Student Exhibition NWRC

Commissioned Artwork Project for the Context Gallery and the North West Visual Archive

The student work in this exhibition has made in response to the work a group of selected artists who have exhibited in the North West in the last three decades. These artists include Victor Sloan, Alaistar McLennan, Dermot Seymour, Alice Maher and others who have all exhibited at either the Context Gallery or The Orchard Gallery. The students were asked to closely consider both the concepts and processes used by these artists and to freely interpret thereafter. This has resulted in a wide range of exciting and individual works that have been realised by a wide variety of means, including photography, sculpture, painting, installation and in one case, taxidermy.

The students would like to thanks the staff of the Context Gallery and the North West Visual Archive for their support.

Annette O’Toole
Christine Gilloway
Danielle Gallagher
John Mc Eldowney
Cahal Argue