Brian O'Doherty

galleries 1 & 2

Brian O’Doherty – Paintings 1992-2005

July 16 – August 6 2005

Brian O’Doherty has been active in design and the visual arts in Derry and the North West for many years. Alongside his practice as a painter, he has lectured in Art throughout the North-West, and was Designer & Artistic Director at the Design Factory, Derry, working on political and campaigning graphics for a broad spectrum of environmental, political, and community groups. His works have been bought for private collections in Ireland, Hong Kong, Australia and the USA, and purchased for public collections in the Irish Office of Public Works and Donegal County Council.

This exhibition gives an audience an opportunity to see a major public display of the artist’s work for the first time, featuring over 40 works paintings, and a soundscape assembled by the artist to create an immersive environment in which to encounter his work.

Brian O’Doherty’s paintings have an immediate attraction; they are vibrant, colourful, powerful examinations of the themes of city and country, often featuring well-known scenes of Derry and Donegal. His works often embrace a strong ecological message, examining how the life of the country is abused by development. The artist’s cityscapes portray his encounter with the city to be full of vivid illusions, and imaginative perspectives.

This exhibition acts both as a retrospective, with many works on display borrowed from public and private collections throughout Derry and Donegal, as well as featuring New Work produced during a period in South Africa in Summer 2005.

Alomgside paintings, Gallery Two features the soundscape:
Storm in a teacup ( Fanad live and unplugged) (28 mins, audio)
A sound painting by Mark Hill, Brian O’Doherty and Ambrose Reynolds with help from Mary, Hans, Hilary and Thomas. All sounds were recorded on Fanad in January 1995 and processed at MA Studio Liverpool over the following weeks.

Several works are for sale:

Title: ‘Stoneybatter’ (Oil on board) – 2000 - £ 2,100
Title: ‘Rubicon’ (Oil on canvas)- 1998 – £ 2,100
Title: ‘Trippy Trance’ (oil/pastels) 1993-94 - £ please enquire
Title: ‘Untitled’ (oil/pastels) 1993-94 - £ 700
Title: ‘Trippy Trance from Silicone Zone’ (oil on canvas) 2002-04- £ 4,900
Title: ‘Planetization’(oil on board) 1999-02 – each £ 420
Untitled (oil/pastels) 2005 - £ 350
Untitled (oil/pastels) 2005 - £ 350
Title: ‘Channel Hopping’ (oil/pastels) – 2005 - £ 560
Title: ‘The Discovery Channel’ (oil/pastels)- 2005 - £ 650
Title: ‘Hadyda in Cape Town’ (oil/pastels) – 2005 - £ 560
Title: Untitled (oil/pastels)-2005 - £ 280
Title: ‘No News is Good News’ (oil/pastel) – 2005 - £ please enquire
Title: ‘Press the Button’ (oil/pastels) -2005 - £280
Title: ‘Ghost in the Machine’ (oil/pastels) – 2005 - £ 280

Thanks to Donegal County Council and the many private collectors who have generously loaned work

Terry Crossan & Family
Mr M Doherty & Family
Mr & Mrs J Irwin
Dr D McGinley & Family
Joe Mulheron & Family
Jackie Mullan & Family
The Shamrock Bar, Falcaragh, Co Donegal

Exhibition previews Saturday July 16 8pm

Supported by The National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland